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We stitch sarees you don't use anymore into beautiful new outfits.

We stitch sarees you don't use anymore into beautiful new outfits.

At LetsDressUp, we want to give a new life to your old sarees.

We can make Kaftan,Kimono, Blouses, Kurtis and more from a saree. Free Pickup and Delivery available in NCR. Offers start with one saree @ Rs 1599.

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Join the community of 1000+ women in Delhi NCR who wear dresses designed by LetsDressUp.

With Zero Tailor Tantrums.

With Zero Tailor Tantrums.

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In 7-10 days, our team of in-house expert tailors will cut & stitch you an outfit that’ll fit and look better on you than any readymade garment.

Free Pickup & Delivery at your doorstep

Suggest, or pick a design from our curated list of ideas

Get one Free Alteration, if needed & customer support on WhatsApp

Multiple ways to give measurements

Receive the clothes that fit you well, the first time itself

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Get flat 15% off

50+ Reviews on

Rated 4.8/5
They understood what I had in mind and put together a dress which I had only imagined. Great conceptualization. Thanks!
Devika Vasandani
This is exactly what I wanted. It’s something I’ve always wanted..I love it…..Thanx for beautiful dress….😍 awesome service
Anu Priya
I just loved the concept. hassle free, beautiful designs and on time delivery. They have done all this perfectly. thank you ❤️
Manvi Dhyani
A perfect blend of style and uniqueness….a beautiful and precise designing and their perfect timing of trials and delivery of products at my door step makes Letsdressup an unbeatable choice for a Delhiite doctor like me… Bravo team Letsdressup.
Neha Saxena
The store has an all new concept, making it easier for everyone to sit at home and shop! The trial sessions really avoided any need for last minute alterations making the dress reach on time ❤️ Really happy with the service and quality they are providing 🙂
Priyanka Israney
It’s a great concept! You get access to great designs and amazing service at the comfort of your home. I have found them to be extremely professional and helpful. They customize it to your taste. I would highly recommend it!
Vasundhra Jain
Is It Safe During Coronavirus?

We are doing all it takes to make it safe for you, and all other stakeholders. Here are the steps we’ve taken-

  • Quarantine of clothes
    We don’t mix up clothes by/ of one customer with that of the other
  • Disinfection and sanitisation
    All clothes/ bags are disinfected with fabric safe disinfectant spray. All desks, machines, and equipment is disinfected 4 times a day
  • Personal protection
    The tailors, design experts, and all the staff have been provided with gloves, masks, and sanitizers. Regular checking for symptoms
  • Delivery and pick-up
    The riders always wear gloves and masks, and are checked for symptoms regularly. Also, as per WHO, the virus can survive on clothes for not more than 4 hours. So, that again minimizes the risk of it reaching you.

What Can Sarees Be Designed Into?

2 Kaftans

INR 1,599/-
(made from 2 sarees)

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2 Kimonos

INR 1,599/-
(made from 2 sarees)

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Set of 2 Kurtas
(with Lining)

INR 1,899/-
(made from 1 saree)

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Set of 2 Blouses
(with Lining)

INR 1,899/-
(made from 1 saree)

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Set of 2 Suits
(with Full Lining)

INR 3,399/-
(made from 2 sarees)

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Set of Kurta and Suit
(with Lining)

INR 2,549/-
(made from 2 sarees)

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Anarkali Dress

INR 2,999/-
(made from 1 saree)

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Why sarees as a fabric?

Why sarees as a fabric?

Reusable Fabric

Because of modernisation, sarees, and especially the old ones do not come into use that often and end up in bed boxes

Antique Taste

Sarees are often passed over to us from generations, giving them an antique taste that we’d love to incorporate in our closets


Reusing old sarees as new outfits adds to the lifecycle of the fabric, and is a more sustainable way of clothing

Versatile Fabric

Sarees are one of the most versatile fabrics because they are lengthy enough to be designed into different outfits

How It Works?


Sign up and pick the product you want to get stitched

DAY 1/2

Our logistics team will pick the fabric and reference garment from your home

DAY 2/3

Finalize the design and measurements on WhatsApp with our in-house experts

DAY 3-6

Our master tailors make your dress, double-check for fit

DAY 6-7

Our Quality team performs multiple quality checks to ensure the outfit is perfect

DAY 7-10

Receive your order within 7-10 days, and pay for the service

We know that the weekend is the best time for you to consider getting clothes stitched. So we make ourselves available on the weekends, and take an off on Monday instead. 🙂

We want to make your experience of getting custom dresses made smooth and hassle-free. And that’s why we have created a team of expert designers, tailors, and customer success managers to care for your dresses, just like they would for their own.

Pioneering Contactless Measurements

Share a reference garment during fabric pick-up

Get your reference garment picked up alongwith the fabric. And have your new outfit fit you just as well as the reference garment, if not better.

Get on a video call with our measurement expert

No need to take the time out to go to a boutique, or feel uncomfortable. Just get on a video call with our female fit consultant and get the perfect-fit.

Measurement Expert at Home
If you’re based in Gurgaon, there’s a third measurement option for you. During pick-up, the measurement expert will visit your home and take your measurements. This will cost you an extra Rs. 200/-.

Our Commitment at LetsDressUp!

Our Commitment at LetsDressUp!

Care & Courtesy

We value your attention, and time. It’s our word to you, to be the most caring and courteous tailors in town.

On-Time Delivery

99% of all our deliveries are completed within the promised 7-10 days. Like you, we value time and word.

Perfect Fit

Our work isn’t complete until the outfits fit you perfectly & reflect your personality to the fullest.

First Time Right

Our experienced master tailors are experts at creating perfect-fit outfits. The quality team ensures this through a pseudo-trial for you.

Curated Designs

You can pick any design from our list of curated designs that our master tailors can stitch for you, or share a look you want.

Pay After Delivery

You can choose to pay after you receive the outfits at your home & if you are not satisfied, we offer one free alteration.

Let's Dress You Up

Are you ready to wear dresses that fit and look better on you than readymade garments?

People love us for seamless stitches, perfect-fit, personalised designs and a service that cares for you 🙂

Tell us what you’ll like to wear and experience the difference in 10 days yourself. You can select from Kurti, Blouses and Suits.

Your Personal Details

Select The Products You Want


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Where can we pick up the fabric from?

Your fabric is insured with us. Meaning, we pay you if anything goes wrong with it.

When can we collect fabric from your home?

How will you give the measurement?

Perfect fit is our forte. 95% of all our work fit is accepted by our customers in the first-time. However, if you are not satisfied, we offer one FREE ALTERATION.

When would you like to discuss design?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many outfits can be created from one saree?
Well, that depends on what outfit you’re going for. Each of the product sets above requires one saree each. If you want two different product sets, you’ll need to give us 2 sarees. Or if you want multiple pieces of the same product set, we’ll again need multiple sarees. Also, you get 15% off on each additional saree you get picked up.

How do I decide what my saree can be designed into?
Sarees are one of the most versatile fabrics, and most sarees fit well in the four product sets. Here’s a guide for you to decide better:

Silk Sarees

Can be used for kurtas and pants and blouses. Among others, they can be converted to skirts, silk lehengas or floor-length dress. They can be used for special occasions. Good for winters.

Satin / Crepe Sarees

Best for kaftans and kimonos. Can also be stitched into blouses, kurtas, jumpsuits and maxi dresses. Best for breezy outfits. Outfits designed can be formal/informal.

Georgette Sarees

Kurtas, suits, kaftans, dresses for summer wear.

Embroidered/Heavy Sarees

Besides Kimono and kaftan, all other outfits can be stitched. Preferred for occasion wear.

Cotton Sarees

Best for summer kurtas, blouses, and suits.

And if there still happens to be confusion, you can always reach out to us for suggestions. 🙂

Can I see your previous works?
Yes, for sure. 1000+ women in Delhi NCR have used our service since our inception in mid-2019. You can see some of our work by clicking here.

Is my saree safe with you guys?
Of course. For the last year, we have worked tirelessly to establish a relationship with our logistics partners, 4hours. Our logistics team is caring, reliable, and trustworthy. We make sure your sarees or fabrics are safe with us in 3 important ways-

  • Your fabric is ensured with us. Meaning, we pay you if anything goes wrong with it.
  • You can track your fabric journey on your LetsDressUp account.
  • You receive a fabric pick-up receipt when the rider picks it up from your home.

I have something else in mind, that I want to get stitched?
That’s all right. We can help. Select “I’ve something else in mind” in the product option on our form, and complete the sign-up to schedule your pickup. You can even add a comment, when you select this option. We’ll reach-out over call/WhatsApp to understand your requirement, share the prices and start your work. Sounds like a plan?

How do I finalize the design?
Once the pickup is complete, we’ll take a look at the cloth and send you a possible list of curated designs. You can pick your favorite or suggest something that caught your eye. You’ll receive a Call/ WhatsApp from our design team within 24 hours of pickup to finalize the design and get the stitching process started.

Which parts of Delhi/NCR do you service?
We are based out of Gurgaon. This allows us to service most parts of New Delhi NCR, including Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad. There’s one thing though. You’ll need to help us with directions for pickup if required. Our logistics team may call you at the time of pickup.

How many days will it take to get my dress delivered?
We typically need 7-10 days to pick up the fabric, stitch and deliver your dress.

What if my dress doesn’t fit well?
Perfect fit is our forte. 95% of all our work fit is accepted by our customers in the first-time. Your dress goes through at least 2 rounds of quality check, before being delivered. It also undergoes a pseudo trial. In fact, we have received a 4.8/ 5 rating from 50+customers for LetsDressUp outfits and service. But, don’t you worry. In case your dress needs an alteration, we’ll provide one free alteration of your dress.

Do you have a store?
We are an online shop and don’t operate any stores. That being said, you can still meet our founder, Drishti & team, at our office in Sector 63, Gurgaon. We could host you for an evening coffee? Say hi on +91-9315335110, and we can take it forward from there 🙂

Can I get other outfits altered?
Yes, you can. We provide alteration services with a minimum order amount of Rs. 500/-. You can add outfits for alteration during checkout.

When do I pay?
You can pay at the time of your dress being delivered. Cash on Delivery available or we can send you a link to pay online.

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