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Has it ever happened to you, that you wanted to get an outfit stitched, but couldn’t find the fabric? Or maybe, didn’t have the time go and buy it?

At LetsDressUp, it broke our hearts whenever someone couldn’t get outfits stitched because of a fabric issue. We started the #ReuseOldSaree campaign, so that one could get outfits stitched from old sarees. But we needed to do more.

And so…

We started looking for ways out last November. The idea was to offer a few options for fabrics, for people who didn’t have them. Because nothing should come in the way of Dressing Up, right?

We spent a great deal of time looking for the right choices.

We were looking for something that works for all seasons.

We were looking for evergreen prints – something that you can wear year over year, without it getting old or falling out of fashion.

And of course, we looked at all the outfits we have executed as well as the suggestions that came in from our customers to confirm you’ll like the fabrics or not.

And that is how we came up with a shortlist of 10 Fabulous Fabrics, which are the fabrics we then compiled into a lookbook.

While you can see the options better in the lookbook, here’s a summary of the types of Fabric we have in there, and the outfits you can get stitched from them:

Printed Velvets

(Page 2-8 in the Lookbook)

The fabric has a soft touch you’d expect from the velvet, and is especially warm too. We have two options in this one.

A floral print, that’ll look great on a Kurta, Palazzo, a Salwar Suit or even a floor length dress. The other, a more bohemian design is great for an Indowestern dress or a Shawl Cape.


(Page 9-13 in the Lookbook)

This enviable fine-drawn well-spun Cashmere is a quintessential fabric for the winters. We have two design options in this one as well.

The first one has large patterns, repeated in different colors that’ll be wonderful for a Jacket, or maybe a Jacket Kurta. The other one is a more intricate design which you can wear in form of a Kaftan, Shrug, Wrap Dress or Suits.

Banarasi Chanderi Silk

(Page 14-18 in the Lookbook)

This Chanderi fabric uses a fine-quality Benarasi silk which is remarkable for its light weight and luxurious feeling. There are two options in the Lookbook

We recommend turning it into a Palazzo Suit, or a nightgown. The lookbook shows two styles that’ll look particularly good with this fabric.

Habutai Silk

(Page 19-20 in the Lookbook)

The name for this silk weave comes from Japan, and is a popular fabric over here in the Eastern side of the World.

In traditional Japanese style, you can get a Kimono made out of it and impress your international friends :). Or closer to home, you can turn this fabric into a short kurta or a dress for when the season turns around.

Upada Silk

(Page 21-22 in the Lookbook)

Another variety of silk comes from Andhra Pradesh. The most gorgeous thing about this fabric is the 2000+ year old technique used to weave this fabric. The method is called Jamdani, and is carried out almost entirely in non-mechanical way.

This dyeable fabric is good for almost any traditional indian outfit, including sarees, kurtas, and suits. We have two different design options for you to choose from.

Embroidered Cotton

(Page 23-26 in the Lookbook)

This fabric is for your official summer wear of 2021. Think Frock Style Kurtas, Pant Suits or a Frock Dress. The fabric will make an impression when it’s running along your entire length. We do have 2 design options in this fabric too.

If any one these fabric options catch your eye, drop a comment below or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram.

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