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Over the years, clothing has evolved almost monumentally, and it will continue to evolve. It’s not just about covering or protecting the human body, but it’s a way of life, a mode of expression for many, and an art in itself. Fashion is a mirror for society, and in our new normal world, comfortable fashion is what society needs and seeks.

With constant changes in the fashion industry and countless trends that come and go, it can be a task to keep up. It’s even more difficult when you want your slice of comfort amidst all the jazz of fashion. So, what do you do? How do you combine fashion & comfort? How do you slay a comfortable and fashionable outfit while making it look chic at the same time? These are just some of the questions we’ll answer for you right away.

We truly believe that fashion isn’t about the latest trends; it’s about being comfortable in what you wear; it’s wearing something that makes you feel like yourself. We believe in the concept of #BeMoreOfYou, and comfortable fashion is the way to #BeingMoreYou, no? Comfortable clothing isn’t just easy breezy to wear; it also makes you comfortable and confident in your skin, and confidence is one of the best accessories out there. So, let’s get into the tips and tricks that will help you combine fashion & comfort like a boss!

1. Semi-formal for the win
One major part of our wardrobe is work-wear, as work makes up for a major chunk of our quotidian life. Considering you meet a variety of people throughout your work-day, you obviously want to look at your professional best. But you would also like to be comfortable and cozy, right? Well, semi-formal is the way to go for you.

If your workplace doesn’t call for strictly formal outfits, then ditch those pencil skirts for a nice fitted pair of denim and sport a chic shirt on top. You can also pair smart ethnic Kurtis with blazers to give them a formal look without ditching comfort.

Also, comfortable dresses in fashion go a long way. So you can get a basic black dress that you can pair with blazers or wear as it is with a scarf to ace the work-wear game! You can also replace stilettos for the more comfortable kittens or bellies while keeping the style quotient up. Keeping the current COVID scenario with plenty of offices opting for WFH settings, it’s essential to look your best in all those video meetings while being comfortable & cozy.

2. The Fit is Fashion
We’ve all had amazing outfits that we bought long back, but we still cherish them. And one fine morning, we open the wardrobe to wear it and voila! It’s too big or too small now. It just doesn’t fit. We still give it a try, but the result is never good. There is also that beautiful pair of sandals that you bought because you told yourself, “it’ll stretch and fit over time,” but it never did. And now, it’s sitting in a corner because it still doesn’t fit you.

When it comes to comfortable fashion, the fit is everything. An ill-fitting outfit is neither comfortable nor fashionable. It’s just tacky, and we’re sure you don’t want that. Your body, its shape, and size are unique, and hence, your clothes need to adapt to it. Everything from your innerwear to the outerwear needs to be of the right size for your clothes to pass the comfy clothes check.

3. Make Accessories your Friend
The clothes you choose to wear only form the foundation of your outfit. You need the right accessories to build on that foundation to find the perfect aesthetic for your overall look.

Instead of opting for better-looking clothes that might be more uncomfortable, you should go for comfy clothes complemented by accessories. Not only do they make you feel comfortable in your own skin, but they also set you apart from the rest because of your unique fashion sense. Accessorising enhances your entire outfit style.

Imagine a free-flowing dress with a gorgeous belt and charming necklace as compared to a tight and uncomfortable dress! What would you choose? We hope you would choose a comfortable fashion that sets you apart and gives you your own unique outfit.

4. Invest in Athleisure
The concept of Athleisure is based on the principle of comfortable fashion. It’s literally combining comfortable athletic clothes with chic cuts and prints. This is what the airport looks, and the street-style is made of. And this is what so many celebrities swear by on an everyday basis! Athleisure isn’t just clothing; it’s a lifestyle that adds functionality to clothes and makes them versatile.

In recent times the sporty athletic look has been transformed into a trendy fashion statement. It has become a part of comfortable fashion in India which is picking up pace. From celebrities to models and actual athletes are revamping their wardrobes to include flashy, fashionable, and comfy clothing that makes a style statement. If you want to jump on the comfortable fashion bandwagon, you must add some athleisure outfits to your wardrobe!

5. Go Custom
You aren’t supposed to change yourself to fit into your clothes. The clothes need to fit you, and there shouldn’t be any two-ways about this. One tip that will ensure your comfort while not compromising on your style will be getting your clothes customized or stitched. As Coco Chanel said, and we wholeheartedly agree, “Fashion has two purposes: Comfort and Love,”. So get something you love tailormade, and you don’t have to worry about losing the comfort element.

Tailor-made outfits ensure proper fit and comfort and give you the opportunity to add a personal touch to the outfit. Some fashionistas take the route of acquiring the materials for their outfits and then having them custom made for themselves, ensuring comfort & fitting for perfect fashion!

So, we hope we’ve been helpful with our comfortable fashion hack. Now that you have all the information, you need to amplify your comfy clothes game; what are you waiting for?

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