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Are you one of us who has bundles of old sarees kept in bed boxes? If yes, you’re not alone. Most of us, women, have bundles of old sarees-

🥻 sarees inherited from our nanis and dadis

🥻 sarees that are out of fashion

🥻 sarees that we simply don’t wear anymore

🥻 or sarees that we have worn too much to wear them again.

Because of modernisation, sarees, and especially the old ones do not come into use that often and end up in bed boxes. And letting go is so difficult because of how emotionally valuable they are. Well, what if we tell you that these old sarees that we love so much can be brought back to use as brand new outfits?

Sarees are often passed over to us from generations, giving them an antique taste that we’d love to incorporate in our closets. They are also one of the most versatile and amazing fabrics out there. Because of their length, they can easily be designed into a variety of outfits like kaftans, kimonos, suits, kurtas, blouses, and dresses. It also adds to the lifecycle of the fabric, and is a more sustainable way of clothing.

What transformation looks like!

The four best outfits that you can get stitched from your old sarees are-
Kaftans are breezy, fashionable, and perfect for summers. They can be designed in various fashions. So you can wear kaftans for a brunch as a summer dress, or as an evening gown for a nice dinner, depending on the look of the saree. Satin, crepe, georgette, and cotton sarees are the most suited to design kaftans.

Kaftan made from old saree


A traditional Japanese outfit, Kimonos have largely been adopted as trendy summer dresses because of how comfortable they are. They are open fronted, and can be worn as shrugs over any outfit to dazzle it up, as beach dress over a slip, or even as nighties. Satin, crepe, cotton, and georgette sarees go well for kimonos.

Kimono made from old saree

Kurta with Pants/ Palazzo
A saree can also be designed into another complete outfit, a beautiful kurta paired with pants/ palazzo. And in fact, you can pair up the kurta with some other pants, or the pants with some other kurta and end up with multiple outfits. Silk sarees are the best suited for pants, and kurtas can be made from most fabrics.

Suit made from old saree

Blouse and Kurta
Given how lengthy and versatile sarees are as a fabric, one saree can easily be stitched into one kurta and one blouse. It quite depends on the fabric, its color and design what you choose to wear it for. Could be for a pooja at home, a business meeting, or just a day out with the ladies. Embroidered sarees, georgette, silk sarees are suitable.

Blouse and Kurta made from old saree

Apart from these, old sarees can be designed into skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and more outfits you can think of. So, get them out of your bed boxes and get ready to give them a brand new life. 🙂

Would you like to reuse your old sarees?

Choose from a range of outfits like Kaftans. Kimonos, Suits, Kurtas, and more.

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