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Please check the following before proceeding

How would you like to get measured?

I’ll get on a video call

Speak with a female fit expert on a video call and measure yourself at your home within 10 minutes.

I’ll share a reference garment

During pick-up, share a garment that fits you well and have your new outfit fit you just like that one.

Send someone to measure

Have a measurement expert visit you at home during pick up, chargeable @ Rs. 200/-.

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Let's get started?

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We ask for your details to coordinate and communicate with you. Only when we need to. No spam, promise!

Where can we reach out to you?

Please choose the number of spare sarees you have, .

By the way, each saree after the first one earns you a Rs. 100 discount.

How many sarees do you want to get upcycled?


We can make a variety of outfits from your sarees. Which ones will you like?

What outfits do you want to get stitched?

  • 2 Kaftans
    INR 1599
  • 2 Kimonos
    INR 1599
  • Kaftan
    INR 799
  • Kimono
    INR 799
  • Kurta + Blouse
    INR 1699
  • Kurta with Palazzo
    INR 1699
  • Kurta with Pant
    INR 1699
  • I have something else in mind

If you happen to have a design in mind, now would be a good time to upload the pictures

Otherwise, our design team can share a catalog to choose a design from.

PS. Some designs might cost you more. We’ll communicate to you if the design you choose carries extra charges before implementing it.

Do you have a design in mind?

We are currently taking the orders only in Gurgaon and Delhi. As much as we'd like, we can't serve other regions in Delhi NCR because of the lockdown. Hopefully, the situation is better in 1 week time and we should be able to start our operations then.

Where are you located?

Pick how you prefer to get measured. You’ll get a perfect-fit outfit either way 🙂

How would you like to get measured?

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