Inspiration buds from a mess! -The Story of LetsDressUp - LetsDressUp!

Weddings are a time of celebrations, good food, and dressing up.

And yet, the first thought that crosses our mind when we receive a wedding card is often “What am I going to wear in all the functions?

All of us get excited at the mere thought of buying new clothes that will make our inner desire of being the perfect ‘desi girl’ come alive!

Some people prefer getting ready-made clothes for the wedding season, but most of us prefer customized and tailor-made clothes to showcase our own personal flair.

The idea of getting something made exclusively for yourself, where you get to play the designer and the stylist, is very exciting!

But, the time and effort that it takes to get something made from the boutique often ends up in disappointment and doesn’t end up giving the results that we first envisioned.

Sometimes, the design is not exactly what you imagined, or it needs a lot of last-moment alterations. This puts a slight dent in our ideas of attending the wedding festivities looking our very best.

We often settle for less and go with the flow of things, thinking this is just the way things turn out with custom-made clothes from boutiques.

This is exactly how Drishti felt before she started LetsDressUp with Aditya.

Today, the narrative has changed. We will tell you how Drishti and Aditya made that possible.

It all started with Drishti’s passion for dressing up...

Drishti has always been someone who loves dressing up. But readymade garments didn’t make her feel as good as wearing custom-made, tailored outfits.

So she would spend weeks and months of planning, and make many trips to the boutique to get a tailored outfit that looks good on her. For her sister’s wedding, Drishti took the responsibility to get outfits stitched for her close relatives in addition to her own outfits.

Only to realize a day before the wedding, that many outfits needed alterations, had quality issues, and some were not even stitched on time. This was the last straw on the camel’s back.

... followed by spending months with the tailors

Drishti knew that there’s got to be a solution to this. She wanted to empower all women to dress up in outfits that they like and feel good in.

Discussing this with Aditya, she spent many months at different tailors’ boutiques to understand what are their pain points.

What she observed was that tailors, especially master tailors, spend most of their time managing customers, taking their measurements, noting their design preferences, taking care of the fabrics, etc. They get little or no time for stitching- which is their core skill.

And often, customers would ask them for design suggestions which they couldn’t help much with.

...leading to the Eureka moment! 😀

How would it be if tailors only have to stitch the outfits, with clear instructions on design and fabric? That’s the question Aditya and Drishti set out to answer.

They decided to build a platform where women could get tailored outfits stitched from the comfort of their homes. They could get the fabric picked up from their doorsteps, discuss designs with design experts on a video call, give measurements online, and get the outfit delivered to them within 10 days.

And all that the tailors could focus on was stitching the outfits within the time frame. It was a win-win situation- the women could get their outfits stitched easily, the tailors could earn well by focusing on their core skills.

Because it shouldn't be hard to #BeMoreOfYou

They were all set to start in early 2019, and since then LetsDressUp has grown with every outfit they’ve made.

Over the course of one year, LetsDressUp has evolved as a community of women who dress up in outfits that they like and feel good in, outfits that make them feel confident and help them be more of themselves.

With the assistance of design experts at LetsDressUp, these women have been able to wear designs that reflect their personality. The measurement experts have empowered them to take their own measurements and wear perfect-fit outfits.

And the tailors of LetsDressUp have not only grown financially but also learn important designing and management skills.

As we continue on our journey of taking the load off of our client’s shoulders regarding their dream dresses, we cherish the smiles that we are able to put on our buyer’s faces.

We deliver clothes that truly feel like they were made only to fit you and empower you. When we see our clients feeling this, we feel a sense of accomplishment and unparalleled satisfaction that is hard to match and makes us proud as a community.

LetsDressUp is changing the way people perceive the process of custom-made clothes. The revolution has already begun, and we hope to see you become a part of it!

Message from the Founders

Drishti and Aditya

For us, LetsDressUp is not a business, but a passion. A passion that drives us to empower every woman to be more of herself. And at the same time consciously contribute towards making the lives of local darzis better. There have been many challenges in this journey, but our confidence grew with every milestone we achieved. From getting the first order for a blouse in February 2019, to have built a community of 1000+ women who believe in us- we’ve come a long way. Even today, every new outfit we stitch teaches us something new. It warms our hearts to know that we’re not only helping women wear clothes they feel good in, but we’re also creating better lives for the tailors who’ve been stitching these outfits. There’s a long way to go, many more outfits to create, and a lot of lives to impact.

Ready to dress up with LetsDressUp?

Experience the true joy of dressing up in outfits that help you #BeMoreOfYou.

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