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Bhavya Vatsa, a corporate lawyer based out of Delhi shares her journey and experience with LetsDressUp.

Tell us about your background and journey.

I am from Dhanbad, which is a relatively small town. I moved to Delhi in 2006 and have pretty much grown here. Since my higher secondary, I wanted to be a lawyer.

In a society that always suggests you become a doctor or an engineer, taking up law was somewhat unappreciated. However, my mom has always supported me in everything and she never let me hear anything, otherwise. And today I am a corporate lawyer, all thanks to her. 🙂

What does dressing up mean to you?

I have always been conscious of my body since I wasn’t petite growing up. I lost a lot of weight during college and was an active athlete.

However, after meeting with an accident in 2019, I regained a lot of weight. I have always wanted to look sharp and for me, that means classy and well-fitting clothing, which became difficult after gaining weight.

That’s where Letsdressup stepped in. I completely stopped shopping as I felt highly conscious of my body.

However, when I discovered Letsdressup, the entire experience of looking the way I wanted to become stress-free, easy, and classy. I have regained the confidence of looking the way I wanted, owing to these guys 🙂

How did you get to know about LetsDressUp, and why do you prefer wearing custom-made outfits to readymade?

I saw a couple of reviews of Letsdressup which my cousin posted and I was amazed by the quality of clothing for the price.

I got in touch with Letsdressup, tried them once and I haven’t looked back ever since. From even sending the measuring tape to me, to keeping in mind small little needs, Letsdressup is everything one can ask for in terms of customized dressing.

Custom-made outfits are any, any, any day better than readymade clothing, especially when the price doesn’t differ much. You have an option of choosing the color, fabric, design, everything.

Moreover, the Letsdressup team goes over and beyond and also styles you up, so you get an extra fashion outlook, the new trends, and most importantly the harmony of everything is balanced by the team.

Further, the fitting of the clothing is perfect, with adequate margins, which are never provided for in readymade clothes.

Lastly, you need to try them to fall in love with them, so go ahead and do that. You will never look at readymade clothing, ever.

Can you walk us through your journey with LetsDressUp?

The first dress I got made was a corporate outfit (a black dress with a white collar and hems). It was an important event at the office and I wanted to look sharp. I wasn’t aware of how everything would be done by the Letsdressup team, considering there were no physical measurements and my body
wasn’t exactly the standard one. However, the team made me extremely comfortable with the entire procedure. They sent me a measuring tape, we got on a video call, Drishti ran me through exactly how to take measurements, and after a few days, I got a wonderful, perfectly fitting sharp, and crisp dress.

In fact, I washed that dress the regular way instead of with a fabric softener (which I was already warned against by the team), which spoilt the collar and hems of the dress, however, the Letsdressup team took care of it, replaced the collar and hem of it and sent it back to me, without any additional cost.

I could not have asked for a better clothing service than this.

What’s one message that you would like to give to all women out there?

Please be confident of the way you dress up. The world would never always appreciate the way you look, but walk the world with confidence, because if you don’t then no one else would.

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