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Marriage is an important milestone of a person’s life and so, it is important to be prepared in advance. There is no doubt that wedding dresses are one of the most exciting parts of wedding plans for a bride. With the theme, food, and guest list, the most important thing for a bride is her ‘The Dress’.

So, if you are a bride who is looking for unique bridal wear, then this article is tailor-made for you. Read on to learn about the exciting trends and patterns of bridal wear for your special day, and make sure you look your absolute best.

First Things First

Do you plan a summer wedding or a winter wedding?
Do you plan to keep it indoors or outdoors?

The answer to these two questions will clear out a lot of things for you.

Based on this, you can decide the fabric and style of your dress.

If you are having a summer wedding, choose light fabrics like chiffon, organza, mulmul, etc., with minimal embroidery, and short or ¾ sleeves for optimum comfort.

If it’s a winter wedding, choose heavy fabrics like velvet, tussar silk, and designs like full sleeves and intricate embroideries such as gota patti or zardosi.

Once you have laid some ground rules, you can move on to the aesthetic appeal, craftsmanship, and artwork.

Your glamourous bridal and evening wear should stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, even less can be more, because the placement of embroidery and intricacy matter more when it comes to wedding dresses.

As a bride, you can stick to your roots and still choose a modern design in terms of color and embroidery. A good tailoring service will help you amalgamate your heritage with the current fashion trends.

What Are The Different Trends That You Should Be Looking At?

✔️ Have a hint of red in your outfit. It keeps the tradition alive while still being trendy.
✔️ If it is a day wedding, go for pastels like pink, lavender, mint green, and peach.
✔️ Floral prints with layers in delicate materials are a great option.
✔️ Sleeves like flared, exaggerated puff, big tulip are some 2021 statement styles.
✔️ Choose crafted art pieces with a blend of new techniques and color combinations.

Pro-tip– Always remember to buy your outfit first and then move on to the jewellery, instead of doing it the other way.

Every bride is unique & special in her own way.

Choose a dress that focuses on you. The idea is not just to look good but also to #BeMoreOfYou. You should feel comfortable and beautiful in the outfit.

The Bridezilla

Are you someone who has been daydreaming about her wedding? Do you think about it the first time you wake up in the morning and the last thing before you sleep? Then, you surely fall under this category.

The perfect outfits for you are…

1. A- Line Lehenga With Short Sleeves Blouse

You can opt for traditional Indian bridal wear like a georgette A-line lehenga. Just stick to the color red, and opt for zardosi and thread embroidery. Choose motifs like traditional paisley and flowers. Also, go for a standard blouse style, with a sweetheart neckline and short sleeves

2. A Velvet Lehenga with a Modern Twist
If you want to give a modern twist to your look, then you can certainly make some changes to traditional Indian bridal wear. You can rather go for a velvet material lehenga with modernized jewellery. Also, change the color of the dupatta that you are draping your head with. Go for fun and contrast colors, like mint-green.

The Serial Spender

If you feel this is the most important day of your life and you do not mind selling your house or even your kidney for it? Then, you surely are the serial spender.

The perfect outfits for you are…

1. The Royal Silk Embroidered Lehenga
You can opt for designer bridal wear, as money is not the constraint for you. Go for silk lehengas with heavy hand embroidery. You can even get custom hand-woven fabric for your dress. Apart from that, you can pair such a lehenga with vintage necklaces and diamond jewellery.

2.Silk Lehenga With Backless Blouse For The Oomph Factor
The pattern of your bridal wear can be minimalistic with an A-line lehenga and a backless blouse. But, you can go heavy on the jewellery. You can go for a rich red or emerald green color lehenga, and pair it up with silver jewellery. Wear anything from chand balis, maang tikka, bangles, a waist belt, and layered neckpieces.

The Budget Bride

Are you someone who wants to keep everything simple and do away with all the extravagance? We got your back.

Here’s our suggestion for you…

Revamp your mother’s saree or lehenga
Our mothers and grandmas have beautiful, heavy, ancient sarees and lehengas that are just lying in cupboards for years. Choosing to get your bridal outfit made from these old sarees can give them a new life, while making sure you carry on the family’s beautiful heritage. You can always give it a modern touch by chic designs, as well as a new heavy dupatta.

The Casual Bride

You are so unbothered that everyone is on edge around you. You are enjoying the last dregs of your bachelorhood, as you know you are not going to be single again.

Then, you need to choose something that goes with your overall personality. You definitely give priority to comfort over anything, and so your outfit should resonate with that.

1. Lehenga with medium flare
Opt for light fabrics that help you breathe. Go for something like georgette or chiffon. You can even make a statement by wearing a jeans jacket over your blouse for some kick-ass photos. Choose a blouse with a simple U- neck and short sleeves.

2. Sharara with Short Kurti
You can also choose to wear a sharara with a short kurti for your unique bridal wear. You can play around with the sleeve length and the overall length of the kurti. Get zardosi work done on it to make it look heavy.

The Traditionalist Bride

Are you someone who wants everything according to the tradition and you are not even checking the trends of the season? Then you have pretty much decided your outfit.

But we have compiled this list to help you stick to your roots while still following trends.

1. Sleeves Blouse With Sweetheart Neckline
You can stick to the standard colours of Indian traditional bridal wear. However, you can choose to play with the style of your lehenga. You can opt for a high waist or low waist lehenga, with a blouse that has a sweetheart neckline with full sleeves.

2. Silk Saree With Zari Embroidery
Many cultures wear sarees for their wedding. Go for a solid red or gold shade with elaborate zari embroidery, and pair it with Kundan jewellery.

The Trendsetter Bride

Are you looking for something unique? Do you want all your single friends to look up to you when it’s their turn? Then you have some serious work to do.

Here are our suggestions…

1. Lehenga choli with innovative sleeves
Different style sleeves are so much in trend right now. You can go for puff sleeves or modern royal court sleeves. You can choose to make a statement by choosing a lehenga of an odd color. Check the general colors of the season, and then choose something you love. Some of the colors of the season are soft pink, lavender, champagne, and mint.

2. Flared Lehenga and Blouse with Deep Neckline
Scoops and Squares blouse necklines are all the rage right now. Pair it with a layered lehenga in a net or silk fabric. Also, get it stitched with a can-can to give volume. This is surely a head-turner.

The Boho Bride

Are you someone who feels that your soul is bohemian? Do feathers, prints, and leather excite you? Then you are the quintessential Boho bride.

Here’s what your perfect outfits look like…

1. Layered Lehenga With A Sleeveless Blouse
You do not have to choose a typical bridal outfit if that does not resonate with your personality. Look for fabrics with prints. You can opt for Aztec designs, as well as floral designs for the lehenga. Get embroidery done on some areas of the prints as that will give it a delicate appearance. You can select an earthy tone for your outfit. Wear oxidized silver jewelry to bring out the bohemian chic vibe.

2. Pant suit
As a Bohemian bride, you might want to express your free self and do something unique. You can opt for a pant suit with a dupatta on your head. You can look for a satin fabric in the colour of your choice. However, opt for earthy hues or pastel tones as they would look classy.

So what we're saying is...

There are a lot of options, and we understand that it can be overwhelming and confusing. But approaching it strategically, categorizing your needs, will make it super easy for you.

At LetsDressUp, our team of design experts and master tailors understand how important it is for you to not just look good but also feel good in the outfits you wear. If you are ready to #BeMoreOfYou this wedding season, we would love to help you dress up.

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