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When you look at yourself in the camera or the mirror, how do you see yourself?

As a strong, beautiful person, disregarding conventional body standards?

Or do you find yourself comparing your body with these unrealistic standards?



Until very recently, it was common practice for us to hop on to media and see nothing but slim, ‘socially acceptable’ bodies staring up at us. Advertising outfits and makeup products, or any product/ service for that matter.


But what we’ve now only begun to see, is a huge shift in how bodies are being represented in the media and in society. This is a part of the Body Positivity Movement. 


What is the Body Positive Movement?

The Body Positive Movement is rooted in people’s need to be able to accept themselves and those around them as they are. And not as what popular media would like us to be. No matter what your body type, skin colour, fashion sense or gender orientation, this movement seeks to include everybody who dares to step outside of the perfect image of skinny, muscular, tall, fair-skinned people that the media inaccurately represents.


Positive Body Representation

An important part of the Body Positive Movement is representation. Today, there are many body-positive brands and even big companies promoting positive body image through inclusion and representation. We are starting to see bigger people represented in a positive light on the screen and with that, seeing more opportunities for people who exist in bigger bodies to thrive.


Bharti Singh, a famous Indian Comedian, in Lakme Fashion Week

But not just the screen. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a boost of bigger bodies commanding the front pages of some of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines and campaigns as well.

How to be Body Positive?

Getting rid of unrealistic body standards and becoming body positive is a journey that everyone must embark on. Here are 15 small changes you can make to embrace body positivity at any size.


  • Do Not Body Shame Other

In the age of social media, it’s super easy to look at other people and criticize their bodies, faces, and even fashion choices. It might seem harmless, but body shaming contributes to a culture where it’s acceptable to criticize women’s bodies, and also fuels negative self-talk in our minds. Make it a habit to avoid body shaming others.


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