‘For me, Dressing Up is my Passion and Profession’ - Heena - LetsDressUp!

Heena Yadav, an Image Consultant and Author, shares her professional journey and her experience with LetsDressUp.

  1. Tell us about your background and journey.
    My professional journey started with MSD Aviation in 2011 as a member of the Human Resource Department. As an employee, I always felt that my potential is more than just serving the company. I gathered the courage to quit my job when I was pregnant, and did professional courses in various soft skills, and the ‘Train the Trainer’ program. My next professional stint in 2015 was as a technical trainer at Kryolan Professional Makeup.
    Finally, in 2016, I started working independently as a Professional Image Consultant. I have done image sessions for the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) and various other NGOs in Delhi. I’ve also been a jury member at YWCA for three consecutive years. For a fashion show at the Udaan Foundation, I served as the Greenroom manager where I styled Acid Attack Survivors.

    I realized my potential in Image Consultancy after being a mother to my beautiful daughter, Yana. Even as a one-year-old, she has been my biggest inspiration and support. As an Image Consultant, I work to transform the lives of many people, in and out. But the credit to transform my own life goes to my beautiful daughter, Yana!

    In 2019, I was awarded as ‘Renowned Image Consultant’ by Mr. Manoj Tiwari, BJP. I have been featured in the magazine, Icons and Crusader, supported by Sandeep Marwah. I have also published a book, X Factor Clothing for Indian Men (5 Secrets You Must Know) which is available on Amazon. I feel there’s still a long way to go, I want to fly even higher. And what keeps me going on this journey is the smile I see on people’s faces when I add value in their lives and help them reflect their personality!

  2. What does dressing up mean to you, and how relevant is it in Image Consultancy?
    For me, dressing up is my passion and profession. It is not just a skill, it’s an art. Art that helps an individual unfold their true personality.

    I can’t stress enough how important it is to feel good and confident in what you wear.

    For me, how I dress up defines my preferences. It makes me feel confident and myself! When it comes to image consultancy, how a person dresses up, and how comfortable they feel in what they wear is one of the first things I work on.

  3. Why do you choose to dress up with LetsDressUp?
    I feel that readymade garments are someone else’s image of what’s going to look on me. Whereas custom-made outfits are my own imagination, turned into reality.

    The reason why I choose to get my outfits stitched at LetsDressUp is that they are the best in making sure that my imagination-turned-reality outfits look great on me!

    And of course, the team is super approachable which makes it a bliss to get outfits stitched.

  4. How has your experience been with LetsDressUp?
    The first outfit I got stitched at LetsDressUp was for my book cover. So, you can imagine how much faith I have in the brand. I got a red dress stitched, which completely reflected my bold personality.

    What I love about LetsDressUp is that they make the entire experience super personalized. The team, and even Drishti herself, is super approachable. From stitching Western dresses to elaborate Indian lehengas, the team at LetsDressUp is truly an expert and providing an amazing experience.
  5. What is one message you’d like to give to all women?I’d just like to say that we, as women, have everything in us and we don’t need anyone to complete us. To all women out there,

    Appreciate yourself more, take responsibility for your choices, open your wings, and fly higher! For you, the sky’s the limit. 

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