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5 Simple Tips For Picking The Perfect Blouse

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5 ‘Simple’ Tips For Picking the Perfect Blouse

Blouses deserve a permanent place in every Indian woman’s closet. A blouse can make or break a look. It can add the perfect bling to the saree, or spoil the look if it doesn’t add up.

At LetsDressUp, we have stitched hundreds of blouses for women across Delhi NCR. For different occasions, for unique outfits, and in unconventional styles.

With that experience, we share with you Five ‘Must’ Tips for picking the Perfect Blouse for any occasion or outfit.

1. Be sure about the fit

When it comes to a blouse, the fit is a deal maker or breaker. A blouse that is too loose will make you look out of shape. While one that’s too tight will be uncomfortable. The right fit includes all aspects like the neck length, sleeves’ fitting, bodice length and waist fitting. Which is why, it’s always a better idea to wear tailored blouses than readymade ones.

2. Consider what you want to pair it with

Sure, blouses are a versatile piece of clothing and you can pair them up with different sarees, skirts, or pants. But it helps to have an idea of when, where, and how would you like to wear it. Would you wear it with heavy pieces of clothing or casual ones? Which season would you wear it in? Ask yourself such questions when you make the choice.

3. Choose the fabric wisely

Most silk sarees come with a blouse fabric. Because silk looks good with silk. But for sarees that come without a blouse, there are a few things to keep in mind. Pairing a busy blouse with a busy saree is a no-no. There should be a balance. For instance, you could pair a plain pure silk saree with Banarasi border with a Banarasi brocade blouse, while pairing your light, plain chiffons and georgettes with printed blouses.

4. Keep it Classic

Trends are good – but they come and go. And every trend might not be made for you. More often than not, sticking to classics is the best idea. You must be comfortable and confident in what you wear. Isn’t it better to invest in something that will stand by you through fashion seasons and changing fads?

5. Always leave some margin

Tightening a blouse is easier than loosening it. Always ensure that you ask your tailor to have 2 inches of margin inside your blouse. This also adds to the lifecycle of the blouse. Because if you put on some weight later, it gets super easier to just get the blouse loosened as per need.

Is there a woman who hasn’t struggled with fitting into readymade garments that come in bucket sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL?

The whole idea behind LetsDressUp is to help women dress up in outfits made JUST FOR THEM. For them to get out of these buckets and wear something that truly reflects their style and personality.

And our founder, Drishti Anand, made that happen by making it as easy for women to get outfits stitched, as buying readymade outfits.

Contactless, at-home Pick Up & Delivery.

Fantastic First-Time Fits

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Bhagyashree loves Dressing Up!

“Dressing up for me started taking meaning and form after I stepped out of my comfort zone, away from my home and my parents. Today, dressing for me should symbolize independence, choice of wearing that which makes you comfortable, that which enhances you.” says Bhagyashree.

“As I got my clothes designed & styled at LetsDressUp, I felt that Drishti understood my personality and suggested designs that not only went by my personality, supporting my comfort, but also enhanced my style and beauty.

I started exploring custom made outfits during my wedding, and once I experienced the make, look and feel of custom made clothing, I could not think of going with readymade clothing for any main occasion in my life.”

At LetsDressUp, we stitch Classic Indian Blouses with a variety of different styles for back, neckline and sleeves. You can swipe for some of the most popular designs below. In case you have something else in mind, you can let us know in the form on this page to book a stitching service.

Our team has mastered the art of first-time fitting. We love stitching dresses, exactly like you want. Politely & Courteously. You can share your body measurements over a video call, or send us a dress that fits you well. Both work seamlessly. Our team makes it effortless for you to hand over the fabric and collect back your outfits at your doorstep. You can track the outfit anytime on your phone.

Our founder, Drishti, has always been someone who loves dressing up. But readymade garments didn’t make her feel as good as wearing custom-made, tailored outfits.

So she would spend weeks and months of planning, and make many trips to the boutique to get a tailored outfit that looks good on her.

Drishti knew that there’s got to be a solution to this. She wanted to empower all women to dress up in outfits that they like and feel good in. Discussing this with Aditya, she spent many months at different tailors’ boutiques to understand what their pain points were.

What she observed was that tailors spend most of their time managing customers, taking their measurements, noting their design preferences, taking care of the fabrics, etc. They get little or no time for stitching- which is their core skill. And often, customers would ask them for design suggestions which they couldn’t help much with.

How would it be if tailors only have to stitch the outfits, with clear instructions on design and fabric?

That’s the question Aditya and Drishti set out to answer. They decided to build a platform where women could get tailored outfits stitched from the comfort of their homes.

They could get the fabric picked up from their doorsteps, discuss designs with design experts on a video call, give measurements online, and get the outfit delivered to them within 10 days. And all that the tailors could focus on was stitching the outfits within the time frame. It was a win-win situation- the women could get their outfits stitched easily, the tailors could earn well by focusing on their core skills.

“Today, LetsDressUp is a big community of more than 1500+ women who love to wear bespoke outfits that help be more of themselves.”

What women are saying about us…

What women are saying about us…

All LetsDressUp outfits are tailor-made for environmentally-conscious women.

We care about making outfits that look good on you and bring them to you in a way that is good for the environment too. Which is why, we do not use any plastic packaging to deliver the outfits to you. The outfits come wrapped in brown paper, cloth ribbons, and a handwritten note.

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Our team will pick up the fabric from your home on the date you suggest, and bring back the stitched outfit in 7-10 days.

It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time.

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