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Sarees have been gracing the beauty of Indian women for ages. In recent years, with evolution in fashion, blouse neck designs are also getting new flair along with drapes. So why stick to plain old traditional styles? Look around and explore a little. Many varieties of blouse cuttings are available in the market to add glamour to your wardrobe.

Then again, not all necklines might fit your criteria. Here are some factors that you should consider while getting the latest blouse designs of 2020 tailored:

Body Type: You must decide the type of blouse cutting you want based on your body type, particularly chest area. For example, blouse neck design with heavy embellishment and design give a fuller look to women with a small bust. Yet, plain and simple blouse back design look more graceful on heavy bust women.

Occasion: You can’t wear embroidered blouse back neck designs in office parties. Similarly, Keyhole and Halter neck blouses are too simple for marriages. So, whatever design you go for, make sure it blends in with the occasion perfectly.

Fabric: It is another important factor to consider while deciding a new blouse design. Some blouses look good on light fabrics like a halter neck, backless blouse, princess cut blouse, etc. Yet, others increase the glamour quotient of heavy fabrics such as angrakha style blouse neck designs.

Sleeves: Not all simple blouse designs look good with sleeves, such as the halter neck, criss-cross, princess cut blouse, etc. At the same time, some look good with full sleeves like angrakhas. Boat neck blouse, on the other hand, looks good as both a sleeve and sleeveless blouse.

Comfort: Gone are those days when fashion and comfort ran in opposite directions. In the new era, you can choose a blouse back design according to your comfort due to so many varieties and fabrics available.

Some popular blouse cutting types are discussed as follows, which can help you further in getting a stylish and elegant look:

Backless Blouse:
Backless blouses are among the most stylish and popular latest blouse designs in the market. They have the power of transforming a traditional attire into an attractive outfit. A backless blouse cutting has a strap at the back and is supported by one or multiple loops.

Backless blouse designs go well with all types of sarees drapes, but avoid wearing them with rigid fabrics like silk or cotton silk. Although they look good on every body type, they complement an hourglass body type the best. Also, women with very short necks should avoid backless design blouse cutting.

Backless blouse neck designs are best-suited for special occasions such as weddings, engagement parties and receptions.

Halter Neck Blouse:
This is the best type of neck-cut if you want a back neck design in your blouse. Halter neck blouses are sleeveless blouses with a strap close to the neck. They give a western look to the whole attire and are best suited for women with narrow shoulders and long necks.

Sarees with light and flowy fabrics like chiffons, georgettes, crepes, silk-satin and chinon look best with halter neck blouse cutting. You can wear them in evening parties, college fests, and office gatherings. Halter blouse neck designs should be avoided by the women having heavy busts.

Boat Neck Blouse:
Boat neck blouse design is for those women who want to avoid any cleavage show. The best part is they can be paired with both heavy embroidered and simple cotton sarees. Boat neck blouse can be sleeveless or with sleeves depending upon your comfort and preferences.

This type of blouse back design complements women with plump bodies, heavy bust and broad shoulders. If you are going for embroidered blouse design, choose a simple saree with less work to make your whole look stand out.

Small gatherings like kitty parties, family lunches make for perfect occasions to wear boat neck blouse design. Nowadays, women also wear it on grand occasions like festivals, marriages, etc.

High Neck Blouse:
As the name suggests, high neck blouses have pullovers type neck design. They have a very close resemblance to halter blouse neck designs, and often names of both neck-cuts are used interchangeably. Some designers also create high neck blouse designs backside and v-cut in the front and call them high neck blouses.

Like halter neck blouses, high-neck blouses are also perfect for women with slim bodies and long necks. Sarees made of light fabric and simple embroidery go well with heavy work high-neck blouses.

High neck blouse cutting can be used as daily wear as well as formal wear. They add an indie look to the whole attire.

Asymmetric Blouse:
Asymmetrical blouses are perfect for women who like to experiment and want to design according to their specifications. Such types of simple blouse designs usually don’t have a particular neckline or shape. It is entirely up to you whether you want a sleeveless blouse or full sleeves.

Asymmetrical blouses are usually preferred by designers or women with good fashion knowledge who want to try new funky looks. As the design of these latest blouse designs is entirely up to you, you can wear it with any type of saree.

However, you should have a precise idea about what type of net blouse design will look good on your body type.

Collar Neck Blouse:
Collar neck blouses, as evident from the name, have a collared neckline like sherwanis and blazers. They are very popular amongst working women because they give a corporate persona to the lady wearing them.

Most women prefer these blouse cuttings in full sleeves or mid-length sleeves for daily purposes and office meetings. You can also opt for collar blouse neck design without sleeves for attending casual parties and official lunches.

Collar neck blouses look good on women who have well-toned collar bones and broad shoulders. Light fabric sarees like georgette and satin increase the elegance of such neck-cut blouses.

Peter Pan Collar Blouse:
These types of latest blouse designs have a somewhat close resemblance to collar neck blouses. Peter Pan Collar Blouse derives its name from fictional character Peter Pan from the movie Tinkerbell. They have a collared look on the front-side of blouses.

Women looking for a design that stands out in the crowd should opt for a Peter Pan collar blouse. It is still not very common in the fashion world, and not everyone has the courage to carry it gracefully.

Peter Pan collar blouses look best on women with long necks wearing light fabric sarees.

Knotted Blouse:
Knotted Blouses will surely make all heads turn for you in a wedding or any other occasions. They give a retro touch to your saree look with a knot tied at the back of the blouse design.

Choice of going sleeveless or with sleeves is up to you, but it looks best with short sleeves. Women with attractive backs can flaunt their back with knotted blouse neck designs any day. The best part is it looks magnificent on all body types.

However, knotted blouse neck designs cannot be added to silk saree blouse designs. So, you should avoid pairing them with heavy fabric sarees like silk or cotton.

Angrakha Style Blouse:
Angrakha style blouses evolved from Angrakha Kurtis of Rajasthan. They have a side opening on the front enclosed by a knotted thread or loop. These types of blouse models are also recent in the fashion trend and an excellent option for making style statements.

Angrakha blouse cutting can be worn by slim as well as women with a heavy bust. They cover the whole upper body and can be pulled-off very elegantly with heavy fabric sarees like silk and cotton.

You can wear it for kitty parties, wedding functions, and other grand festive celebrations.

U-shape Neck Blouse:
U-shape neck blouses are the classic neck-cuts popular in the ethnic fashion world. They are the traditional blouse cutting best suited for women with average size bust. As it enhances the beauty of the chest area, women with flat bust can also go for it.

U-shape blouse neck designs are worthy of all celebratory events, whether marriage, office parties or casual evening parties.

Pair it with a bow tie or knot in the back to add the oomph factor to the whole look.

Keyhole Neck Blouse:
Unlike U-shape, the Keyhole neck blouse is unique in its own way. It is particularly for those who like trying various patterns and experimenting with their look. You can either choose a plain blouse design with a matching neckpiece or a heavy embroidered fancy blouse design.

Keyhole neck blouse looks better with a little curve and cleavage to show off.

You can wear it in evening parties and casual hangouts.

Round Neck Blouse:
Round neck blouses are almost the same as U-neck blouses with only difference in back cut design. They are also amongst one of the traditional designs. You can support the blouse back design with a thread loop or latkan. Some women prefer not to add any thread or loop which gives the round neck blouse a backless blouse design feel.

Round neck blouses are for women with a heavy or average bust. You can wear them with all types of fabrics like cotton, georgette, silk, satin, etc.

It is mostly worn at grand parties like marriages.

Square Neck Blouse:
Another very popular simple blouse design in this list, square neck blouse back design, has a square cut on the front side. Despite being so in demand, heavy and flat bust women should be careful while getting this cut tailored.

One significant advantage of square neck fancy blouse design is that it suits every type of drape. They look perfect on ladies with hourglass petite, inverted triangle, slim and average body types.

Sweetheart Neck Blouse:
This is probably one of the most common neck designs owned by Indian women. Sweetheart neck blouses give perfect shape to your bust area and enhance your beauty even further. However, you should go for it if you are comfortable with a cleavage show.

Women with a heavy or fuller bust and hourglass body look best in sweetheart neck blouses.

You can wear it with all types of drapes.

Criss-cross Blouse:
Criss-cross blouses are a recent addition to the types of necklines. These are more modern and exposing than any other neck designs in this list.

This new blouse design is inspired by the sarongs. Criss-cross blouse neck designs are popular as destination wedding blouse designs and are apt for making style statements at beach parties.

Pear-shaped women and ladies with hourglass bodies look gorgeous in criss-cross blouse design. Wear it with side drapes to grab all the attention of the party.

With so many latest blouse designs and varieties, it can get confusing to choose which one to go for. Worry not! Let’s Dress Up is available at your service to make this process easier, that too online. No need to take the extra time out and visit your tailor. So what are you waiting for! Pick up your phone and start exploring.

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